Drugs & Harm Reduction in the Creative Industries

Another part of the Ulster paper talks about the drug and alcohol use and in some case abuse, in some case to deal with pressure as a form of escape and in some cases in pursuit of of the creative output.

DBS Berlin produced a series of videos in a pursuit to talk about the topic of Drugs and Harm Reduction with their students. The major overarch conversation was actually being able to have the converastion. Many dont want to discuss drugs in particular due to legal reasons but also due to stigma that may be attached to having an issue with either substance. The fact that the university is pushing to open dialogue about the issue feels like a good step in the right way as it allows students to be able to understand the issues behind being a creative before they reach the industry where these problems can become more impactful on their life and health. A big takeaway of the videos is the fact that there isnt really any public space wwhich is sturctured that allows people to seek help from within the creative community and therefore can make creatives feel more isolated from colleagues.

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