Discourse – Design thinking is the medical world

After researching several topic fields ive landed on a previous field that i had studied for Research and Enquiry. Design thinking/creativity in the medical world.

This is a topic of study within medical schools but is rarely considered within the creative communities. Wether its the heavy regulations or often uncelebrated work, creatives have shyed away from an industry that could help it genuinely have a positive social and health impact on communities not just locally but globally aswell.

As a designer going through FdA, BA and now my MA my only contact to the medical world was through personal contacts and my workplace (an expert medical marketing company). But often quality of life and how our designs affect people is a topic we discuss at length however there doesn’t seem to be a thriving industry consideration towards medical projects and in fact its a niche field at best with only a handful of agencies holding medical or pharmacutical clients.

For me to approach this topic i need to define what it is that im wanting to discuss and make a point of, for instance should we actively promote medical design from a creative point of view and treat it as a field of study rather than a group of clients. Investigating the path from a creative to a medical designer/ Healthcare designer, what this means and analyse if design can and would have an impact if the creative industry took more of an interest.

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