Discourse – Key Concepts in Creative Industries

-Hartley, J., Potts, J., Cunningham, S., Flew, T., Keane, M. & Banks, J. 2012;2013;, Key Concepts in Creative Industries

A comprehensive book exploring concetpts and topics within the industry. In order to get more ideas for my own project essay i explored this book in order to get a bigger picture into the different issues within the Creative sector.

From this book what really peaked my interest in terms of a topic is “user generated content”. Does making user generated content a priority in areas like social media and in public spaces undermine creative expertise. With the rise in popularity in self generating tools like Wix and wordpress are creatives being shafted and viewed as expensive? Is creativity and design thinking becoming undervalued?

Certainly in a medical context, emerging design thinking concepts are being approached cautiously and is only explored as a side venture within medical schools even to a point that in a recently a lecture at the royal society of medical, one participant even asked what it would take to teach nurses this, making me feel that designers were seen as unnecessary and expensive.

Image result for Hartley, J., Potts, J., Cunningham, S., Flew, T., Keane, M. & Banks, J. 2012;2013;, Key Concepts in Creative Industries

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