Discourse – Direction

Post Skype take in

After discussing options with my tutor about directions and defining a direction I finally have a more fine tuned approach.

Exploring Designs impact in a medical world has been a topic close to my heart for quite sometime having wanted to be a doctor when I was younger and having worked in the medical marketing world for so long i have seen medical communication been used to inform, sell, convince and even scare however using design to create medical communication is part and parcel of creating public health campaigns such as F.A.S.T. and the change4life campaigns.

So how has design and design thinking changed and adapted medical knowledge and warnings over the years and around the world?

This will form the back bone of my direction with a more fine tuned approach coming in at “How has information design impacted medical communication globally over the years” This will give plenty of contexts to explore for the pieces I find including: Historical, political, geographical, financial etc.

A useful starting point for me is starting with the book “Can graphic design save your life? by GraphicDesign&, this book is uniquely targeting this exact topic field and therefore is a perfect starting point to explore examples. Another good primary research point with be the Wellcome collection in London often with examples of how design has impacted the health field, not just in communication but in all areas in the field.

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