Discourse – Der Mensch als Industriepalast poster – Fritz Kahn 1926

This fantastic piece of information design reimagines the body in a more humorous and in many way more recognisable way, many knew the inside of a factory more than they did their own body. This factory system shows clearly the whole process of how and where things flow aorund the body while show what each organ does. Even though its in german its still amazingly clear what is what and its easy to see the flow. This illustration formed part of a book showing first aid and by explaining first aid using visual stories help lower health literate people understand the knock on effects and positions of situations inside the patients body, in the 1920’s this is key as literacy rates would be far lower than they are now. This style of information design has become key with many exercise book utilise a similar method in education.

Images courtesy of https://www.printmag.com/weekend-heller/weekend-heller-graphic-design-healthy/

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