Aaron Draplin – Draplin Design CO

site_staff.jpgAn upcoming designer based in portland, although he has been working for years, he has recently gained more international fame with talks with TED and lynda.com videos. Rencently he has been interviewed by creative review. His work spans plenty of industries, mainly working with logos and branding, his inspiration from his “Junk raiding” is an amazing method to find inspiration.


Notably he is the creator and face of the Field notes brand, a brand of note pads and stationery. A brilliant example of how a brand can have a personalty, he does use the brand himself almost as a figure head, in the video he did for lynda he does use a level of product placement in the film. He also notably created the logo for Obama’s initiatives.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 19.30.19.pngDesign for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) logo

Looking through his site, its clear his colurful and bold style is the cornerstone of the visual language style he uses, the actual colour choices also provide a really nice set of palettes. His influences from industrial retro design is clear in the shape he uses and the typefaces he chooses. On e piece in particular is the Branding for Union Binding company, the full brand looks robust and simple while remaining visually interesting. The style of using black and white while using a orange signifying colour creates a “too the point” feel and keeps the brand easily consistent across a much larger application.


Union Binding Co. – Founding Logos

What i want to take away / inspires me

From looking into Aaron Draplin and the way he works theres a couple of aspect of my own working that i really think could benefit from researching Draplin, firstly his method of  looking through junk shops, vintage stores and old products for inspiration and then building them into a sort of archive or library is much stronger way of building inspiration. Secondly I love the colour palette that Draplin uses, and the robust versatile style behind the work, i feel that this robust and versatile style could benefit my style of working, usually i focus on minimalism and a clean UI feel as it makes it digital friendly but i think that the designs that Draplin has created is still digital friendly while creating an impactful feel.






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